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Not performing to your best? Injuries keeping you down? Want to live the healthy active lifestyle you dream about?

  Injuries and chronic aches and pains can prevent you from performing your best.  Dr. Yodice understands the stress and pain patients experience with sports and exercise related injuries. He will analyze, diagnose, and create an individualized treatment plan for acute or chronic injuries that are holding you down. 


Balanced posture is the foundation, mobility and stability are the key... to maintaining the health and well being of your musculoskeletal system.  

To maintain good posture, muscles and joints need a balance of mobility, flexibility, strength, and stability.  A program designed to restore and maintain this balance will prepare you for the challenges and unexpected moments ahead.

  Located in HealthSmart Advantage Fitness Center at the Urban Campus, Dr. Yodice uses state of the art evaluation procedures and combines a traditional conservative Chiropractic approach with active therapeutic exercise to restore and improve poor mobility, flexibility and strength.  This modern approach is designed to optimize the bodies function and condition it to perform at any level you want to achieve.

For changes you'll Dr. Yodice!!!


Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Yodice, I had been dealing with severe back pain for approximately four years. Several tests were prescribed including MRIs and CTs which did not reveal anything conclusive regarding my condition.  I was prescribed anti inflammatory medication by the internist/ cardiologist and wore a heart monitor on more than one occasion to rule out Pericarditis. After grappling with this issue for several years to no avail, I sought the help of Dr. Yodice who had previously successfully treated my daughter and helped her manage a sport related injury. 

After the initial examination, Dr. Yodice began treating me three times a week. He prescribed exercises for me to do at home in addition to utilizing the equipment in his office. The most frustrating time for me was at the beginning of treatment. I would have a string good days and at times there would be days when I felt horrible again; a little discouraging. Dr. Yodice would listen to the concerns, provide advice and continue to encourage me. Dr. Yodice’s innate ability to listen to the concerns I expressed and adjust treatment accordingly makes him stand out from others in the field of chiropractic medicine as well as traditional medicine. He took the time to really listen, converse with me not at me, which in turn motivated me to continue with the treatment and build my strength.  After several months I noticed that I was feeling stronger with fewer setbacks.  I began to do the things I loved doing again such as running, skiing and cooking. Because of Dr. Yodice’s treatment plan and enormous amount of patience, I have learned how to manage the occasional pain that I experience.

Since then I have been seeing Dr. Yodice for approximately eight years. Most recently, I sustained a hamstring strain which was most painful and debilitating. I was unable to walk, drive and move about freely without severe pain. Dr. Yodice developed a treatment plan which once again got me back on my feet. 

I cannot say enough about Dr. Yodice. Without his expertise I am not sure how I would feel physically and mentally.  My entire family has sought his help and continues to do so.  For these reasons I would highly and without reservation recommend Dr. Yodice to anyone seeking treatment for chronic physical pain.

~Maria S.



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